A teacher should all the time maintain his grace

Addressing the class with a friendly smiling face

As a decent but lively person can teach

And a stern looking man can only preach

Yes, yes, yes worthy Mr. President and respected audience, teaching especially to the young ones is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of patience, intelligence and psychological knowledge. A stern, strict and sever man with a grave face makes only a bad teacher. If the teacher is harsh, impatient and unfriendly the pupils will come to him unwillingly and try to play truant as soon as they get a chance but if he or she is friendly, sympathetic and kind hearted, they will feel enjoyment, solace and pleasure in his or her company and whenever they are not at school or college, will be eager to see him.

Dear Mr. President, a sweet tongue has a magical effect on every body. The sweet tongue attracts the attention of the students and they remain fully attentive and receptive to the teaching all the time. On the other hand if teacher’s voice is harsh and unfriendly, it will make the students bore, disappointed and Inattentive. The holy prophet of Islam told that he was sent as a teacher and that he was proud of his being a teacher. God Almighty says to the holy prophet (s.a.w) that if he had been hard at heart, the people would have not stayed with him and fled away from him. It was the magical effect of his tender heart, sweet tongue and friendly behavior that his teachings spread all over the world in no time.

My sweet Mr. President and kind hearted audience, a friendly, kind and encouraging attitude is the secret of effective and successful teaching. It makes the teacher favourite and the students successful. If the teacher is friendly and kind by nature, he is a born teacher but unfortunately if he does not possess these qualities he must try to create them by his personal efforts. One thing must be kept in mind that the teacher must be friendly but never a friend.

Dear Mr. President. If the teacher becomes a friend of the students, the process of the teaching is converted into a play. The teacher will surely lose his or her superiority, supremacy and grace as familiarity breeds contempt. In this case the teaching will become unimpressive and ineffective. The discipline of the class will vanish and there would be clapping, laughter and noise all the time.

Dear Mr. President and respected audience, so much familiarity between the teacher and the students is quite harmful to the process of teaching because the attention of the students and teachers is diverted from teaching to friendship. It has aptly been said that,’ Excess of every thing is bad’. One thing more should also be kept in mind that if the teacher and the taught belong to the opposite sexes the consequences of friendship can all the more be griever. I end my speech on these lines:

The process of education may be done in a graceful atmosphere

The students should not roam in the class room here and there

The teacher should always be friendly but never a friend

As in this way he will bring the teaching to a useless end.



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