Written Speech: Farewell Party Speech For Seniors For Class 9th-10th,F.A,B.A and all Universities

Written Speech: Farewell Party Speech For Seniors For Class 9th-10th,F.A,B.A and all Universities


Worthy Mr. president, respected teachers and lovable departing friends!

The way of life is full of curves and bends

This is told to us by our departing friends

Though we have so many companions at the start

But each of them has sooner or later to depart



Yes my dear ones, we are today practically facing this reality. Our dear friends who were always in first rows to show us their admirable manners and etiquettes, who were the embodiment of love and sincerity and who were kind to us like elder brothers/sisters are today leaving this alma mater. We are today feeling the pangs of separation on their departure. 

Dear audience! 

This is a curious world full of smiles and tears. We meet one another for a while, chat, laugh and smile but ultimately we have to taste the bitter vine of separation. 

Dear Mr. President!

The sadness, the tears and sighs make the life serene and dignified and one day walking over our lonely and gloomy way when suddenly we meet an old friend we smile with fast beating hearts and gems of tears in our eyes.

Dear Departing seniors!

The future is still hidden in the mist of distance but we will always imagine your shining faces in the dusk of past years, we’ll always remember your love, sincerity and affection. Our good wishes and the prayers of our kind teachers, who are also saying you good bye with their sad faces, will also be with you

Dear brothers/sisters!

We implore on you that knowingly or unknowingly if we ever hurt your delicate feelings, for God sake be kind enough to forgive us.

Dear friends!

Our hearts are full of optimistic thoughts also. By the grace of God you and we all are in this dear home land, in this beautiful world and above all you will be ever in our hearts. We will meet again and again and this sorrow and grief will become happiness and pleasure. I end my speech on these  line:


We all are feeling grief and pain

Don’t worry we shall meet again

In spring when there is the first rain

We shall meet again.     

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