Speech: QUAID E AZAM, Pakistan’s will Never Forget you

Speech: QUAID E AZAM, Pakistan’s will  Never Forget you


You got for us an independent state

Quaid-e-Azam, you were really great.

We’ll remember you for ever

And forget you never, never, never



Yes, yes, yes, my dear President and respected audience, our great leader ,Quaid –e- Azam  was not only a great well wisher to the Muslims of Pakistan, but also to the Hindus and all other nations of the world. This is why he struggled for the establishment of an independent state in India not only to save the Muslims from a sheer injustice but also to ensure peace in sub continent. Quaid’s love for his own nation was so deep that he devoted all his life, his rest and his health for the sake of Pakistan. Quaids struggle was based on love sincerity and selflessness. Whole the world saw the proof of this fact when at the establishment of Pakistan he became the first Governor General of this newly born state. He did not enjoy any monetary benefit nor amassed any property by holding such a position. He showed the dignity of character and grace of his lofty personality till his last moments. In view of prevailing circumstances, he worked day and night harder and harder resulting the loss of his health and finally loss of his precious life. We the Pakistanis salute to his matchless character and earnestly say on this day when heclosed eyes to this materialistic world:

Dear Quaid, we are unable to forget greatness and sincerity to your everlasting principles .you were  really a lofty light house in the darkness of the world.

Dear Quaid, we’ll always remember the favors you did to us. You were indeed a  loving  father, a guiding star and a great champion of the rights of your nation and above all a shining light house to the whole humanity. The golden beams of your spiritual .light even today are illuminating the pages of history.

Dear Quaid, It is our misfortune that your stay in your independent country was very short lived so you handed over the task of nation building to us and set out for your heavenly abode.

Dear Quaid, we are extremely sorry that we could not perform the duties you assigned to us rather most of us did contrary to them.

Dear Quaid, As a result of our own follies our homeland is suffering great losses. You gave us golden principles i.e. unity, faith and discipline. It is a great pity that our practical demonstration is quite opposite to these golden and matchless pieces of advice. Instead of following these principles we have utterly ignored them. There is no faith, discipline and unity among us.  Every one is at war with the other, Our strong nation has now reduced to a cripple and we are socially, economically and morally lagging far behind the world.

Dear Mr. President and respected audience, this was the pain and agony of my heart that I revealed to Quaid. I am sure that you all want to talk to the great Quaid in the same regrettable and pathetic manner. My dear ones in these moments when our hearts are replete with admirable memories of our Quaid and remorse for our own doings,  let us once again promise to reform ourselves and try to uplift our country as a graceful, strong, peaceful and prosperous state. I end my speech on these lines:



Memories of great men are not mere memories

They are for the whole world a message of hope

They teach us that if the determination is alive

At every step there is a chance and scope



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