Latest Update About Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Scheme for Provision of Laptop to Universities

Brief description Aimed at spreading the use of computers amongst the college/university level students.
Eligibility criteria All students registered in an HEC approved educational institution. All masters/doctoral students and 50% under-graduate students will get the laptop.
Geographical spread All Pakistan.
Cost per laptop Rs.40,000 approx.
Total number 100,000 students
Budget Allocation FY 2013-14 Rs.4.0 billion
Executing agency Higher Education Commission (HEC)/Ministry of Education and Trainings. To be designed and implemented based on the same pattern and parameters as adopted in the Punjab.
Local manufacturing HEC is negotiating a deal from manufacturers for local assembly of laptop computers, which will become feasible in the face of such high demand from the present scheme as well that from Punjab.


List of Government Universities Eligible for Prime Minister Schemes (Provision of Laptops)

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  • rana

    if you want to apply for this scheme and have any queries go on this link

  • Rehan Abbas

    kis base pr sir laptop miley ga ..

  • faisal mehmood

    Fsc or ics or 3 yearz diploma with atleast 60%

  • nisar ktk

    punjab k joo students hai ist semester may on ko kis base par laptop maly ga sir plz

  • ashna amer

    laptops GRW mai kab milne hn

  • muhammad asim shahzad

    laptops should given in top proiorty to P.h.D