1. Introduction, origin of dengue fever in Pakistan.
  2. The most dangerous form of dengue.
  3. Attack of dengue and its harms.
  4. Roll of the government and the media.
  5. Some simple defensive steps for protection.
  6. Conclusion.

                  Dengue fever is a gift of nature for the people of tropical
and sub tropical regions. In 1907 dengue was recognized
as a major viral disease. The first out break of dengue in
Karachi was recorded in 1994 which is said to come through
trading of tyres from some countries of South Africa.
During the year 2011 it attacked the city of Lahore causing
a large number of deaths.

DSS (Dengue Shock Syndrome) is the worst form of dengue
that can prove fatal. It sends the patient into a state of shock.
It is a matter of great satisfaction that most of the patients
suffering  from dengue fever recover within two weeks but
the  others can face its fatal effects for months. Female mosquito
aedes takes out the blood of a patient infected by the disease and
transfers it to the blood of other people. It also injects its own
saliva that enters the white blood particles which release a large
number of proteins causing symptoms of sever pain and fever.
In view of the constant danger of disease  awareness  regarding
dengue fever and the mosquitoes, responsible for it, is the need of
the time. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the government of Pakistan   
is in action to minimize its danger. In 2011 Punjab government’s heroic
campaign against this fatal disease is admirable. This topic is
being introduced in different educational syllabi. Media is also
playing a good roll in this respect. Hence there is still no vaccine for
this harmful disease so every body must ever be vigilant to face its
danger. Here are some tips for the protection of the whole
community as well as the individuals:
              Keep utmost cleanliness everywhere. Do not let the water keep
standing open, uncovered and stagnant such as in empty vessels,
tyers, tanks, swimming pools etc. Use electric mosquito killers,
LED lamps, insecticides, coils and fogging to kill the mosquitoes, Use
Mosquito nets at night and manage the gauzed window and doors
to keep off these harmful insects. Use full sleeves shirt at night.
Besides this every person must do his best to protect himself and
the whole community, acting upon the prevailing advice and his common
sense. He should also extend his full cooperation to dengue eradication campaigns.


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