Time allowed: Three hours                                                                                        Maximum marks:100

Q. 1.Write an essay, with outline, of 300-350 words on one of the given topics.




                        i)                    introduction: The age from birth to adolescence.

i)                    Generally considered the golden period of the human age but along with the bright aspects it has so many problems also.

ii)                   Bright aspects:  A colourful life of a dream land, No burden of responsibilities, healthy and full of energy life.

iii)                 Dark aspects:  Burden of studies, shortage of pocket money, hashness of parents, teachers and beatings from the senior students.

iv)                 A period, blend of laughter and tears.

v)                  Conclusion; The responsibilities of the society in bringing up the children.

Childhood is the golden age, the span of which ranges from birth to adolescence.  Though there are certain problems associated with this colourful looking age yet generally it is considered the best period of human life. It is also very interesting that when a person crosses the boundary of childhood and puts a glance on  his past he longs that would that he were a child again but time and tide wait for none. Neither he can go back to his childhood nor childhood can come to him again. As for as the children are concerned, they look toward the elder ones with an eye of awe and envy and anxiously wait for that glorious age when they would have got all the worldly resources  with them to fulfill all the desires. In fact the childhood has both bright and dark aspects which are explained as under:

                                        Childhood is no doubt a blessed period of human life. In this period the children are away from all worldly worries. They know no financial worries. They are never in debt as their parents are responsible for all their expenses. They have no burden of quarrels of any kind. No family quarrel ever bothers them .They are away from political, religious and provincial wars .If they ever quarrel, their anger vanishes in minutes. They are always the apple of their parent’s eyes who are all the time at their services. An other superiority that the children have over the elders is being energetic, active and free from disease. They  run all the day long but do not feel any kind of weariness .They are free from every kind of psychological trouble or mental tension.

                                    But there are some dark and grim aspects of this period also. It is not fair to say that   life of the children is away from worries and tensions. They do have their own problems and worries. The problem of studies, going early every morning to school unwillingly, toilsome and tiresome hours at school, harsh and sever behavior of the teachers and rebukes and beating from the senior students are the undeniable facts of their lives. Some lucky children are born with silver spoons in their mouths. They have every facility of life no doubt but the case is not the same with the others. A great number of the children face severe difficulties due to shortage of pocket money. The unlucky students that face weakness in studies or failure in education become the sever victims of anger and curse from their parents and family. All these factors leave a life long impression on their receptive minds and tender hearts.

                                  All the above facts make the childhood a period that is a curious blend of tears and smiles, laughter and sighs, hopes and disappointments. The people who think that the childhood is a care free zone of the life, they should at least look behind to their own childhood to recall all this. To give the proper attention and importance to the delicate problems of the children is first and foremost duty of the parents and the society as well. No doubt child is a tender sapling in the garden of this world but it needs proper attention, care and devotion from those who are responsible for its spiritual nourishment and physical growth.

Q.2 Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end. Your own constructed questions will fetch you better marks.

i) What other advantage of democracy can you think of in addition to the fact that it allows most liberty? Answer: Democracy gives a great importance to every individual and insists on the betterment of the individual more than anything else.

ii)  Summarize the writer’s definition of creative people.       

Answer: The creative people are those people who are sensitive and want to create or discover something and do not look upon life like the other people who are the adorer of wealth and power.

iii) Why does the writer call democracy a less hate full form of the Government?

ANSWER: According to the writer democracy is less hateful form of the Government as it does not divide its citizens in bossers and bosseds as an efficiency regime tends to do.

iv)What type of people does the writer like?

ANSWER: The writer likes those people who are sensitive and want to create something or discover something and do not see life in terms of power.

v) Suggest a suitable title for the passage.


i)                    Make a précis of the above passage:

ANSWER: (precis of the passage)

The essence of democracy is freedom. Though it is not always loved yet it is a fact that it is less hateful than any other form of the government so we should support it. Its axis is individual and it never divides humanity into masters and slaves. The people who are sensitive and creative they do not give importance to power but show their ability and creativity. They act upon religion freely, produce literature, make scientific research,They bring up their children and do noble deeds and for all these activities no system of government is more supportive than the democracy.

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